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Counter-Strike Global Offensive: The land of hackers and aimboters

global offensive hacks

Rumour developer Valve wants the remake of Nuke in Counter-Strike this week: publish Global Offensive. We tell you what to suggest and when the CS: GO-Map will appear revised.

Is it this week finally? The revised version of de_nuke Global Offensive: Miscellaneous rumored to appear in this week for Counter-Strike. But what awaits us in the remake of the Nuke-Map?

In March Nuke was made CS: GO away and moved to the reserve group, de_train managed a place in the Active Duty Group. Also Train has been revised in the past year, the new version also appeared last December in CS: GO.

What will change in Nuke remake?
With the remake of Nuke basic elements of the map are completely changed. Thereby some spots to be adapted and adjusted the balance on many pages. Players and professionals criticized the current version de_nuke especially the fact that terrorists have little chance to get a solid number of laps. Some people are reporting an increasing number of aimbots and people using hacks while playing ranked matches.

In recent months there have been several hints of developer Valve on the Nuke remake. So screenshots have been released in various tutorials that will show, among other things, the Main Spots and Radio, as could identify more than one player.

Why doesn’t valve try to solve this aimbot and hacks problem?

The eSports Gruby of Team Vexed, a team that failed to qualify, among other things for ESL One Cologne and DreamHack Cluj-Napoca, spoke in November in a stream on Twitch Valve plans.

Accordingly, the remake of Nuke is on 2 December, and thus likely to appear in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. Thus, the revised version would be published de_nuke time Birthday – a plausible date.

But whether it will really happen, then we learn only this week. You can learn it then of course on PlayNation.de.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still by 1 December in the offer. Valve reduced the price of the most popular games in the world by half. Who thought already to CS: GO to buy, should strike now – because the shooter is often reduced.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is about tactics, skill and training. The goal is either to put the bomb or defuse – and withhold the hostage or save, depending on whether we are playing as Antiterroreinheit or as terrorists. In any case, CS provides: GO but great potential for many hours of play overwatch keys for the closed beta.

Now the title in Steam Sale is reduced by 50 percent and costs only 6,99 Euro. The Complete Edition of the Counter-Strike series is discounted with a price of 13.99 euros by half, it contains in addition to CS: GO even CS: Source, CS: Zero and the first CS.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand the team-based action gameplay, with which it entered with the publication 12 years ago new ways.

CS: GO features new maps, characters and weapons, as well as many of the classic CS game elements (de_dust, etc.) improved. In addition, CS leads: GO new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leaderboards and more innovate.

“Counter-Strike has surprised to the modification by the publication in 1999 of the most played online action game in the world was the computer game industry.” Said Doug Lombardi of Valve.

Black Ops 3 What’s New

What to expect from Call of Duty Black Ops 3

What to expect from Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Many men get the new first-person shooter from the “Call of Duty” series mainly because of the extremely extensive multiplayer mode on the hard drive of PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 or Xbox 360. The multiplayer part of Black Ops 3 promises more action, facilities and e-sports fitness than in previous series offshoots. But when it comes to kompetitivem online game and Zombie mode actually tears the creation of the US-developer Treyarch what, or we have the bottom line is to do it with vile ideas recycling?

The weapons remain above

The most basic innovation of the multiplayer mode of Black Ops 3 is undoubtedly the compared to two previous games fundamentally revised motion system. Treyarch are jumping straight on several level. Very important: weapons can now be used at any time, whether you slithers along the ground, climb up walls or dive through the roaring masses of a waterfall. Each character can also – thrusters on the back make it possible to join the beta – move along walls and perform a kind of double jump in the air.

Querdenker there faster

If you combine all these maneuvers, many new routes and paths result from the total of twelve varied designed multiplayer maps. Take for example the map Redwood – this is a branch in the same Californian forests air defense base.

To get to the other end of this scenario, you can move quite classical in the blinking on the connection between the planks giant sequoias. Or you tried a daring Wall Running maneuver and takes the time-saving shortcut along a steep rock massif. Many areas of the map can be achieved with a jagged dive beyond. But beware: Holding your breath is not eternal possible.

Basic training must be

Granted, until you’re running really elegant along walls and dive like a fish through the water, it takes a bit of getting used. Therefore, the development team has probably also enshrined the so-called “Freerun” mode prominently in the main menu. This virtual training simulator is divided into four increasingly difficult-to-master courses.
While in the background ticking stopwatch mercilessly, climb obstacles, concatenate Wallrun maneuvers, pumping Targets filled with projectiles and more. In short, you will complete a tough basic training to help you discover the intricacies of the movement system quickly and effectively.

Specialists to the front

Accents Black Ops 3 also with the introduction of so-called specialists. This refers to nine hero characters that differed not only visually fundamentally from each other, but also bring a playful own individual abilities.
Nomad for example, can interpret high-traps. Gropes someone into it, do fatal nano-drones the rest. Spectre merges briefly with the surroundings, meanwhile, Firebreak his adversaries vigorously einheizt with a flamethrower. Motivational: Not all heroes and skills are immediately selected. There is thus from the outset a clear incentive to gain experience points to unlock things and continues to delve into the matter. It doesn’t matter if the game was just released, coders always find a way to create the most annoying hacks as you can see by this cod hacking website.

Hardly modes surprise, for many classics

The gunfire breaks out in a total of eleven game modes, including many perennial favorites like Team Deathmatch, Free-for-all confirmed Flaggenklau or shooting.

“Advanced Warfare” players will be pleased in particular on the recovery of uplink. This fast-paced mode was introduced last year for the first time and plays a bit like basketball with weapons. To match the beginning there is a spherical satellite in the center of the map. As soon as the starting gun sounds, it is important to collect the object of desire, and to transport them to an uplink station in hostile territory. A lot of fun, especially when the teams are the “ball” throw sometimes and try new moves.

If you look closely, as a real mode newcomer remains unfortunately only “SafeGuard” – a variant of the game, however, is likely to find a lot of enthusiastic followers in no time. The task is simple: A team escorting an unarmed robot from one end of the map to another while team B exactly must thwart through constant shelling of the sheet metal comrades.

If namely hit too often, its systems go down for some time and need to be restarted once. In addition: The robot moves only when at least one person of the escort team is next. Since each batch takes a few minutes and must reach the robot within this time his destination, high voltage is pre-programmed. If a round is finished, switch the roles of attacker and defender, and the thrill starts all over again cs go remains one of the most hacked fps games.


In terms of e-sports options convinced in particular the new “Bans and Protects” system. Before a game starts, all users must democratically outvote about which weapons specialists, equipment and launching serial rewards are ever allowed. The procedure is handled relegated to a special menu where each player his favorite armor protects my vote or not gladly seen Equipment. After expiration of a timer, the game evaluates the voices and adjusts its choice options accordingly – great.

Also top: Codcaster – So the commentators of an e-Sports event – may specify player names and team colors for the first time to taste what an assignment while watching simplistic. With the so-called Loadout widget also can be highlighted better individual equipment details.

Hearthstone Guide for Noobs

Learn how to play Hearthstone with this powerful guide

Hearthstone Guide for Noobs

After many months of waiting the Blizzard has finally released this Tuesday (14) a version of their card game for mobile phones. This means that now that HearthStone:Heroes of Warcraft is available in both iOS devices as Android, we should have an invasion of new players eager to kick some ass take part of that community.


If you are one of those people who‘s starting now, this post is for you. Separated five tips to help you become familiar with this universe. And if you already have a lot of experience and want to share some with the guys, feel free to leave tips in the comments.


It’s natural to feel a little lost at first, every player goes through a period of adjustmentand live those fifteen minutes of despair without knowing where to go or what to do.Watch other people playing is a great way to familiarize yourself with the environmentand better understand how the letters behave Besides learning possible combos with the help of thisĀ hearthstone guide for newbies.


One of the most famous streamers HearthStone is Trump, worth watching a live gamesince he plays calmly giving to see the plays. Another person outside of Brazil that I recommend is the Hafu, she does know a lot about Arena and usually spend hours in this mode. In addition to the streams of Twitch, there is a plethora of video tutorialson YouTube. I recommend taking a look at the material of the Nepo, MardukTV andPhoenix Down, all in Portuguese.




OK, you’ve opened the nine heroes and now? Mount the first decks is no easy taskespecially if you don’t have someone around to make the charts. So I recommend going on one of several specialized sites in lists of HearthStone decks and choose a no-brainer to start.


Worth using these lists as a basis to help you better understand what is essential intime to assemble your deck. A I always consult is the IcyVeins (click constructed playand choose the class of your choice), but also has the HearthHead, the HearthPWN.Choose a basic deck of a class that you sympathize, try mount as suggests, play a fewtimes to change the letters to something that has more to do with your way of being.




A good formula to help you be more effective is to program your moves in a way thatin each turn you use all available mana crystals. Of course the times will be more strategic pass and save the letters for a next round, but overall it works well optimizeall moves in a way that enhances the use of mana.




The table is not out of control or out of it, but it is essential not to let your opponentfeel comfortable. Controlling the table is nothing more than prevent many secularopponents remain at stake. You can use spells or their own minions to stop the proliferation of others, but do not forget: the main goal is to hit the guy give damage to the enemy hero play the beta. Control the table with that in mind.




To open the Collection is natural we started hyperventilating and want to completethe album as soon as possible. No matter if you bought packages with game coins orreal money, the trick is to invest all the dust get in rare cards first.


It’s tempting to stay a long time gathering dust to take that legendary apelona (Yes,I’m looking at you Dr. Kaboom), but in time to assemble a deck that works makes more difference to have rare cards as a defender of Argus and Juggler of Knives thanone or two legendary. It is a strategy of acquisition cards that will bring you more benefits. Once you have a considerable volume of rare, worry about getting and legendary epic.